What art creation means to me

I can not recall the circumstances and the age at the time. But I still vividly remember the picture I drew in my childhood. Also, I remember the feelings I felt when drawing the picture. Although a feeling hard pressed my heart, I drew instead of crying. As I drew, the emotions, which are hard to express in words, found an order on the paper, and the unclear became subconsciously apparent. This allowed me to better understand my feelings. I was comforted and impressed.

The fragile soul is healed by the creative process, and as a result the work is born as an objective result. The work can touch not only the heart of the creator, but also the viewer. I create and view at the same time.

Through these experiences I became aware of a new world of creation. For me, my works are the result of experiencing and accepting various aspects of life that have happened to me. Without the creative process, life for me is fragmentary, violent and arbitrary. The creative act is a way to understand this fragmented life and sublimate it.