Tae Hwa Lee

Artist profile


Born in South Korea in 1965, I came to Europe in 1997 after graduating in German studies (BA) and Asian painting (MA). Here I married, became mother of two sons and live since 2000 in the Canton of Aargau in Switzerland (in the extended catchment area of Zurich). After a longer education break, I resumed my active artistic work in 2012 again.


Human being is the main theme of my artworks. If I say it more precisely, I try to turn the life that I experienced and felt as a human being, a woman and a mother, into art.


For expressing my experiences and sensations I use different techniques. In the material and in the expression my manifold life serves as a basis.


The world of my artworks is not the hereafter or a beautiful world of illusion, but the expression of life itself.


Now my artworks are «travelers» through the world. I imagine that the «travelers» will meet someone in the world and grab their hands with heartfelt compassion.