Tae Hwa Lee

Theme «Head»

The «Head» theme is an expanding self-portrait. Many artists have created self-portraits, and the head was often used as a motif. I have described the «Head» theme with the myth of Narcissus. Most of us consider Narcissus a model of complacency. However, Narcissus' consideration of himself is interpreted as an act of self-awareness and awareness between the «I» and the world.

The «I» stares at the moving water, and the view is fixed on the continuing variability. This view grabs one's own ego.

I try to emphasize the people who are in the wave of life and death. From this I combine the figure on a changing, unfixed background, like the water or the air.



Theme «Blue Hour»


The «Blue Hour»¹ theme depicts the moment in which I want to live intensely. Blue darkness colors the world and I am soon immersed in it. It is the time to demand life and to love all the weaknesses and limitations of human being.



¹ «Blue Hour» is today above all a poetic term for the twilight period between sunset and darkness of the night and for the time just before sunrise. During the sunset, the short-wave blue portion of the sunlight is scattered on the long way through the Earth's atmosphere, the sky should actually appear gray to black.
[Translation of German article at, 30.11.2014]



Theme «Body»


The «Body» theme mainly entails an unstable human figure. Because life includes death and the body can not be maintained forever, people are anxious and yearning for life.

It is my personal experience that my paintings deal with serious, dusky topics. The death of my father at the age of 14 was the first time that I was confronted with death. When I was pregnant, my girlfriend suddenly disappeared from the stage of life and when my son was two years old, my mother passed away. Life and death both came in stark contrast to me. My son held my hand and my mother let go of my other hand. I felt the passion of life in one hand and the cold loss in the other hand.


After this experience, I began to draw the human body intensely and naturally the drawings contained my feelings and thoughts. Death had entered my life.