Actually I do not use any particular single technique, but different materials (threads, wire, plaster, fabric, color) and expressions to interpret the theme.


Drybrush ²


I used this technique mainly in «Blue Hour» and «Head». It was assumed to be suitable for expressing the artworks in accordance with the theme. For example, infiltration, extinction, blurring, wavering water and rest.

² Drybrush (dry painting) is a painting technique that uses a dry brush to absorb little color to achieve a coarse brushwork. Here, the painting background textures are highlighted very well.
[Translation of German book «Nadja Sasch: Der trockene Pinsel. Edition Michael Fischer, Ingling 2012, ISBN 978-3-86355-085-1»]


Wire, threads, line


I prefer the line. Only with the line can I formulate the volume and let every line keep its own characteristics.

In the artworks «Head 6-17» and «Torso 1-13» I used fine wire and tried to express regularity and transparency. Different views of the line arise depending on the view angle: the harmony of the object and its shadow on the wall, the airy lump and the spatial sensation created by the wire structure.

In other artworks, the shape was split by the repeated line or erased by "invisible" lines. Uniform thick lines flow in one direction. They can simply be arranged at right angles or horizontally, or they lie one above the other.